Spring is Finally Here!!..So is my Crappy Putting Skills.

Finally after months of shivering and freezing nose hairs, Mother Nature has blessed us with some warm temperatures.  That means in Canada is almost GOLFING season!

My absolute favourite time of year, there really is nothing better than hearing the birds chirping on a sunny spring morning while I smash that crap out of a my Nike golf balls…Can’t wait to lose all these so I can get a nice set of Titleist to hit around the courses.

My favourite golf balls, always love the sound off the T!!

This year I am venturing on something really fun and exciting…golfing no only with my friends and brother, but also…my wife will tee off every 3rd Saturday morning with me!  I actually am looking forward to it.  Not only will we get to spend some time without the kids commanding all our attention, but I also get to play a round of golf with someone I know I can beat!  At least I hope I can!!

I’ll be updating here as often as I can, it’s a fun outlet and it keeps me in the mood for my favourite game.

Spring also means the start of my working season, so pleased to be working with such an awesome stone paving and install company.  Go check them out at www.mississaugaflagstonelandscaping.com and give the Rock Me crew some love!!!!

Until next time when i’ll have a recap of my first day on the links!!


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