Hey guys, it’s your buddy John here again.

Not exactly how I was hoping that spring would shape up.  Instead of hitting the links and working on my short game, I literally feel like i’ve been playing in the  sprinkler system instead of enjoying the sunny days of spring.

How is one of the worst golfers in the world supposed to get any better? Hell, who am i kidding, my game is awful but I truly do miss the sport of it.  I love being outside with my friends enjoying a couple beers from the cart lady! (Hello Paula!!!)  So far this year pro golf has been incredible.  How about that Sergio win at the Masters tournament!

I’m actually going to be working on some new techniques to improve my game this year, why not? I think if taking it  little bit more serious is what it will take then I am willing to give it my all this summer.  As the weather has taught me already, take advantage of it and enjoy every moment, because Summer is almost here folks and I couldn’t be more pumped up for it!

I’ll keep you all updated on the improvements in my game…..if there actually is any…yikes.

Til then,